Technical Normalisation Centre

Foundation of the Technical Normalisation Centre

In February 2009, based on the general contract concluded between PRAGOPROJEKT a.s. and the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing (ÚNMZ), the Technical Normalisation Centre was granted a licence that allows use of the name "Technical Normalisation Centre".

Scope of the Competencies of the Technical Normalisation Centre

A) The Centre is responsible for development of original Czech technical norms in the field of road, bridge and tunnel design and certain related professions within the scope of the competencies of the TNK 146 (Technical Normalisation Commission).

B) The Technical Normalisation Centre operated under PRAGOPROJEKT a.s. will actively participate in the process of developing technical norms at the level of European and international normalisation organisations and on implementation of European and international technical norms within the system of Czech technical norms (ČSN) in the field of design and construction of roads and earthworks, and in related areas within the competencies of the TNK 147.

in terms of European, international and national normalisation, the Technical Normalisation Centre (CTN) operated by PRAGOPROJEKT a.s. is responsible for the following:

  • it will monitor the needs of ČSN users, with the aim of asserting their reasonable requirements during the preparation of European, international and national technical norms, including personal or distant participation of experts in meetings of working teams that operate within European and international normalisation organisations (CEN, ISO);
  • it will elaborate expert opinions, comments and other types of statements;
  • it will provide information, educational and other professional services to users of technical norms (for example, consulting, advisory and publication services) both for the private sector and for government authorities, institutions and organisations;
  • it will participate in providing information for the technical public in relation to technical normalisation and information about the state of technical normalisation within the scope of its competencies; it will collaborate in promoting use of ČSN standards;
  • in addition, it will participate in activities of the TNK (Technical Normalisation Commission) as an active member and, depending on situation, in activities conducted by normalisation committees ÚNMZ and the Council for technical normalisation of the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing (ÚNMZ);
  • it will participate in preparation of the Technical Normalisation Plan (PTN);
  • it will actively participate in preparation of original ČSN standards.


Based on the implementation contract, supplements to the contract will be agreed with the CTN operated under PRAGOPROJEKT, a.s., in the form of planning sheets for specific tasks or technical normalisation projects, in compliance with the needs of the ÚNMZ and within the CTN´s scope of competencies:

CEN/TC 154/SC 3 Aggregate - Aggregate for asphalt mixtures TNK 99
CEN/TC 167 Construction bearings TNK 147
CEN/TC 178/WG 1 Pavement elements and curbs – Products made of prefab concrete TNK 119
CEN/TC 219/WG 2 Cathodic protection – Cathodic protection of steel in concrete TNK 32
CEN/TC 219/WG 3 Cathodic protection – Cathodic protection of steel structures in sea water TNK 32
CEN/TC 219/WG 4 Cathodic protection – Inner cathodic protection of steel structures TNK 32
CEN/TC 227 Materials for road and motorway construction TNK 147
CEN/TC 254/WG 6 Hydro insulating layers and foils – Waterproof bridge surfaces TNK 65
CEN/TC 288/WG Special geotechnical work – In depth soil improvement  
CEN/TC 314 Hydro insulating asphalt cement  


In order to provide services during the collaboration in developing and implementing European norms with the above-mentioned CEN technical commissions, the CTN operated by PRAGOPROJEKT, a.s. has developed a network of national application teams (NAT), whose administrators participate in workgroup sessions within the respective CEN technical commissions, actively collaborate in preparation of draft European norms and are responsible for the provision of national comments on the European norms at the preparation stage.

As regards the other original Czech norms, the CTN, in collaboration with the Central Administration Office (ÚSÚ) - in particular with the Ministry of Transport CR, provides technical editing in the course of discussions over the norm preparation stages.

When assigning tasks for the PTN , the CTN operated by PRAGOPROJEKT, a.s. provides recommendations to the relevant normalisation commission (TNK) on the classification of the task and on the level of cooperation necessary for development of the new norm, hence the recommendation on the method of implementation of the new norm in the ČSN system.

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