Engineering services


  • complex discussion and adjustment of project documentation at any project stage with the relevant bodies and authorities, property administrators, owners and administrators of public transport and technical infrastructure, participants in the proceedings, etc.
  • adjustments within Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) procedures
  • compilation and completion of all necessary applications in compliance with the relevant requirements
  • providing the final/executable zoning decision, building permit/water right permit, amendment before completion of construction permit, decision on use of construction, decision on early use, trial operation of structures, inspection decision, permit on removal of construction, permit on change of use of construction, decision on notification of construction, etc.
  • inspection and undertaking of necessary measures (if necessary) to ensure the construction complies with valid area planning documentation, and discussion and adjustments related to a change in the area planning documentation
  • acting on behalf of the investor during administrative proceedings, including local inspections, oral proceedings and appeal procedures
  • consulting and providing specialists for specific technical disciplines
  • checking the content and the scope of the project documentation submitted in an application for planning permission or a building permit in compliance with valid implementary regulations


  • all services related to acquisition of property rights to lands affected by the construction, i.e. provision of the following:
  • expert opinions on the price of the real property in compliance with legal regulations in force,
  • elaboration of geometrical plans and their inclusion in the Land Register,
  • documents on compliance of land splitting or integration according to the geometric plan within the area planning documentation,
  • preparation of contracts and entering into contract with the owners of the lands affected by the construction (contract of purchase, contract of voluntary conveyance, contract of easement, contract of lease, contract of borrowing, contract of land exchange, etc.)
  • dealing with legal issues (if any) connected with the land to be purchased, e.g. execution, easement, missing or minor owner, additional inheritance proceedings, checking on pending or planned land adjustments or initiation of adjustments in collaboration with Register Offices, courts, executors, Land Authorities, etc.
  • proceedings connected with discussions about acquiring property rights to lands with executive bodies within the municipal or regional authority
  • providing the agenda of expropriation proceedings in the sense of the expropriation act, including acting on behalf of the investor during the expropriation process
  • registering the contracts in the Land Register
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